Traditions and Transformations in the History of Quantum Physics

Third International Conference on the History of Quantum Physics, Berlin, June 28 – July 2, 2010

From Classical to Quantum Physics
1 Theoretical Challenges by Experimental Physics:
Radiation and Its Interaction with Matter

Shaul Katzir
2 Challenging the Boundaries between Classical and
Quantum Physics: The Case of Optical Dispersion

Marta Jordi Taltavull
3 Putting the Quantum to Work: Otto Sackur’s Pioneering
Exploits in the Quantum Theory of Gases

Massimiliano Badino, Bretislav Friedrich
Quantum Mechanics in the Making
4 The Concepts of Light Atoms and Light Molecules and
Their Final Interpretation

Dieter Fick, Horst Kant
5 Early Interactions of Quantum Statistics and
Quantum Mechanics

Daniela Monaldi
6 Pourparlers for Amalgamation: Some Early Sources of
Quantum Gravity Research

Dean Rickles
Extending the Framework of Quantum Physics
7 Superposing Dynamos and Electrons: Electrical Engineering and Quantum Physics in the Case of Nishina Yoshio
Kenji Ito
8 The Origins of Maria Göppert’s Dissertation on
Two-Photon Quantum Transitions at Göttingen’s
Institutes of Physics 1920-1933

Barry R. Masters
9 An Act of Creation: The Meitner-Frisch Interpretation
of Nuclear Fission

Roger H. Stuewer
The Challenges of Quantum Field Theory
10 Tsung-Sui Chang’s Contribution to the Quantization
of Constrained Hamiltonian Systems

Xiaodong Yin, Zhongyuan Zhu, Donald C. Salisbury
11 Feynman’s Struggle and Dyson’s Surprise: The Development and Early Application of a New Means of Representation
Adrian Wüthrich
Traditions and Debates in Recent Quantum Physics
12 Orthodoxies on the Interpretation of Quantum Theory:
The Case of the Consistent History Approach

Olival Freire
13 From Do-it-yourself Quantum Mechanics to Nanotechnology? The History of Experimental Semiconductor Physics,

Christian Kehrt