Catalysis for the Conversion of Biomass and Its Derivatives

1 Raw Material Change in the Chemical Industry and the
Role of Biomass

Friedrich Seitz
2 The Role of Startup Companies in the Conversion of Biomass to Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
Leo E. Manzer
3 Nutrient Cycling in the Bioeconomy: A Life Cycle Perspective
Robert Anex
4 Plant Growth: Basic Principles and Issues Relating to the
Optimization of Biomass Production and Composition as a
Feedstock for Energy

Mark Stitt
5 Biomass Chemistry
Michael Ladisch, Eduardo Ximenes, Youngmi Kim, Nathan S. Mosier
6 Chemical and Biological Deconstruction of Aqueous Phase Processing
Charles E. Wyman, Carol J. Wyman
7 Analytical Approaches in the Catalytic Transformation of Biomass: What Needs to be Analyzed and Why?
Dmitry Murzin, Bjarne Holmbom
8 Methods for Biomass Compositional Analysis
Amie Sluiter, Justin Sluiter, Edward J. Wolfrum
9 Reaction Engineering Concepts for the Catalytic Conversion of Biorenewable Molecules
Robert J. Davis
10 Catalytic Strategies and Chemistries Involved in the Conversion of Sugars to Liquid Transportation Fuels
Elif I. Gürbüz, James A. Dumesic
11 Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Conversion of Biorenewable Feedstocks
Brent H. Shanks
12 Tailor-Made Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass
Thorsten vom Stein, Jürgen Klankermayer, Walter Leitner
13 Solution-Based Deconstruction of (Ligno)-Cellulose
Roberto Rinaldi, Jennifer Reece