On the Materiality of Photographs and Photo Archives

List of Contributors
Scholars, Scientists, Archivists, and Photo-Objects
1 Objects of Value: Challenging Conventional Hierarchies in the Photo Archive
Costanza Caraffa
2 Photographs on the Move: Formats, Formations, and Transformations in Four Photo Archives
Julia Bärnighausen, Stefanie Klamm, Franka Schneider, Petra Wodtke
3 Thoughts on the “Non-Collections” of the Archival Ecosystem
Elizabeth Edwards
4 The Accidental Trace and the Science of the Future: Tales from the Nineteenth-Century Archives
Lorraine Daston
Into The Archive
5 Where is the Archive? The Reality of Conducting Research on Atatürk Photographs
İdil Çetin
6 In the Family: Photographic Archives from India
Suryanandini Narain
7 In the Eye of the Archive: A Triumphant Autopoiesis of Photography
Katharina Sykora
Getting One’s Hands Dirty
8 Photographing Ottoman Modernity
Zeynep Çelik
9 Handling the Heavens: Things and the Photo-Objects of Astronomy
Omar W. Nasim
10 Finding Photography: Dialogues between Anthropology and Conservation
Haidy Geismar, Pip Laurenson
11 Digital Cows: Flesh and Code
Christopher Pinney
Systems of Value
12 Images for Sale: Cards and Colors at the Photothèque du Musée de l’Homme
Anaïs Mauuarin
13 Reflections on the Archive: Reconsidering the Evidence Project (1977–2017)
Lena Holbein
14 The Unbearable (and Irresistible) Charm of “Duplicates”
Petra Trnková
Canon Formation and Transformation
15 The Two Cultures of Word and Image: On Materiality and the Photographic Catalog
Kelley Wilder
16 Bruno Meyer and the Invention of Art Historical Slide Projection
Maria Männig
17 Photographing Tutankhamun: Photo-Objects and the Archival Afterlives of Colonial Archaeology
Christina Riggs
“In the Archives, a Thousand Photos That Detail Our Questions”: Final Reflections on Photographs and Archives
Joan M. Schwartz