Culture and Cognition

Essays in Honor of Peter Damerow

1 Introduction
Jürgen Renn, Matthias Schemmel
Part 1: Early Writing and Abstraction
2 Learning from Kushim About the Origins of Writing and Farming
Jürgen Renn
3 What Is a Number? What Is a Concept? Who Has a Number Concept?
Jens Høyrup
4 Towards the Deciphering of the “Blau Monuments”: Some New Readings and Perspectives
Manfred Krebernik
5 The Chinese Sexagenary Cycle and the Origin of the Chinese Writing System
William G. Boltz
6 ‘Real Abstraction’ and the Origins of Intellectual Abstraction in Ancient Mesopotamia: Ancient Economic History as a Key to the Understanding and Evaluation of Marx’s Labor Theory of Value
Joachim Schaper
7 Meat Distribution in Late Uruk Diacritical Feasts: Second-Order Bookkeeping Techniques and their Institutional Context in Late Fourth Millennium BCE Mesopotamia
J. Cale Johnson
8 Pappus’ Theory in Mesopotamian Science
Markham J. Geller
9 Astronomical Knowledge in The Slavonic Apocalypse of Enoch: Traces of Ancient Scientific Models
Florentina Badalanova Geller
Part 2: History of Knowledge and Material Representations
10 Können Entwicklungspsychologie und Wissenschaftsgeschichte voneinander lernen?
Katja Bödeker
11 Piaget, Einstein, and the Concept of Time
Tilman Sauer
12 Zur historischen Epistemologie des Raumes
Matthias Schemmel
13 Paper Tools
Ursula Klein
14 Drawing Instruments
Wolfgang Lefèvre
15 Der Würfel auf der Spitze: Pieros inszenierter Blick
Diethelm Stoller
16 The Emergence of the Idea of Real Number in the Context of Theoretical Music in the Renaissance
Oscar Abdounur
Part 3: Societal Challenges and Electronic Visions
17 In anderen Zeiten. Die Idee des Comenius-Gartens
Henning Vierck
18 The Dramatic Pace of Acculturation and the Ability of So Many Eipo to Jump From Stone Age to Computer Age in One Generation … Without Having Read Aristotle
Wulf Schiefenhövel
19 A Textbook for Teaching Mathematics in Brazilian Indigenous Schools
Circe Mary Silva da Silva
20 Beyond Archimedes: The History and Future of the Arboreal Software
Mark J. Schiefsky
21 A Computational Research System for the History of Science
Julia Damerow, Erick Peirson, Manfred D. Laubichler
Part 4: A Glimpse of His Life
22 Peter Damerow (1939–2011)
Jürgen Renn
23 Es begann mit den Zahlen
Kristina Vaillant
24 Peter Damerow’s Publications