New Vistas on Old Problems

Recent Approaches to the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Tilman Sauer, Adrian Wüthrich
Measurement of a Quantum System
Quantum Observer and Kolmogorov Complexity
Alexei Grinbaum
From Quantum Gravity to Classical Phenomena
Michael Esfeld, Antonio Vassallo
The Conserved Quantity Theory of Causation and Entangled States
Jakob Sprickerhof
On Free Will and No-Conspiracy
Iñaki San Pedro
Collapse and Non-Locality
(How) Did Einstein Understand the EPR Paradox?
Tilman Sauer
Quantum Theory as a Method: the Rule Perspective
Simon Friederich
Causal Realism in the Context of Bell-type Experiments
Matthias Egg
Locality, Causality, and Realism in the Derivation of Bell's Inequality
Adrian Wüthrich
Entanglement as an Element-of-Reality
Philip Walther