Research and Pedagogy

A History of Quantum Physics through Its Textbooks

1 Pedagogy and Research. Notes for a Historical Epistemology
of Science Education

Massimiliano Badino, Jaume Navarro
2 Sorting Things Out: Drude and the Foundations of Classical Optics
Marta Jordi Taltavull
3 Max Planck as Textbook Author
Dieter Hoffmann
4 Dissolving the Boundaries between Research and Pedagogy: Otto Sackur’s Lehrbuch der Thermochemie und Thermodynamik
Massimiliano Badino
5 Fritz Reiche’s 1921 Quantum Theory Textbook
Clayton A. Gearhart
6 Sommerfeld’s Atombau und Spektrallinien
Michael Eckert
7 Kuhn Losses Regained: Van Vleck from Spectra to

Charles Midwinter, Michel Janssen
8 Max Born’s Vorlesungen über Atommechanik, Erster Band
Domenico Giulini
9 Teaching Quantum Physics in Cambridge: George Birtwistle and His Two Textbooks
Jaume Navarro
10 Paul Dirac and The Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Helge Kragh
11 Quantum Mechanics in Context:
Pascual Jordan's 1936 Anschauliche Quantentheorie

Don Howard
12 Epilogue: Textbooks and the Emergence of a Conceptual Trajectory
David Kaiser