Spatial Thinking and External Representation

Towards a Historical Epistemology of Space

1 Towards a Historical Epistemology of Space: An Introduction
Matthias Schemmel
2 Spatial Concepts in Non-Literate Societies: Language and Practice in Eipo and Dene Chipewyan
Martin Thiering, Wulf Schiefenhövel
3 The Impact of Notation Systems: From the Practical Knowledge of Surveyors to Babylonian Geometry
Peter Damerow
4 Theoretical Reflections on Elementary Actions and Instrumental Practices: The Example of the Mohist Canon
William G. Boltz, Matthias Schemmel
5 Cosmology and Epistemology: A Comparison between Aristotle’s and Ptolemy’s Approaches to Geocentrism
Pietro Daniel Omodeo, Irina Tupikova
6 Space and Matter in Early Modern Science: The Impenetrability of Matter
Peter Damerow
7 Experience and Representation in Modern Physics: The Reshaping of Space
Alexander Blum, Jürgen Renn, Matthias Schemmel