Shifting Paradigms

Thomas S. Kuhn and the History of Science

Alexander Blum, Kostas Gavroglu, Christian Joas, Jürgen Renn
Where to Start?
John L. Heilbron
Part 1: Personal Recollections
1 The Nature of Scientific Knowledge: An Interview with Thomas S. Kuhn
Skúli Sigurdsson
2 Steve’s Question and Tom’s Last Lecture: A Personal Perspective
Gerald Holton
3 Thomas Kuhn: A Man of Many Parts
William Shea
Part 2: Historicizing Kuhn
4 An Episode from the History of History and Philosophy of Science: The Phenomenal Publishing Success of Kuhn’s Structure
Kostas Gavroglu
5 Kuhn’s Paradigm of Paradigms: Historical and Epistemological Coordinates of The Copernican Revolution
Pietro Daniel Omodeo
6 Contemporary Science and the History and Philosophy of Science
Olival Freire Jr.
7 Kuhn in the Cold War
Ursula Klein
8 Science, Criticism and the Search for Truth: Philosophical Footnotes to Kuhn’s Historiography
Stefano Gattei
9 Two Encounters
Fynn Ole Engler, Jürgen Renn
Part 3: Kuhn’s Legacy
10 Thomas Kuhn
Jed Z. Buchwald
11 Thomas Kuhn and the Dialogue Between Historians and Philosophers of Science
William Shea
12 Constructive Controversy and the Growth of Knowledge
Martin J. S. Rudwick
13 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions and History and Philosophy of Science in Historical Perspective
Theodore Arabatzis
14 On Reading Kuhn’s Black-Body Theory and the Quantum
Discontinuity, 1894–1912

Richard Staley
15 Science, Politics, Economics and Kuhn’s Paradigms
José M. Sánchez-Ron
16 Abgesang on Kuhn’s “Revolutions”
Ursula Klein
Part 4: Reinterpreting Kuhn
17 The Pendulum as a Social Institution: T. S. Kuhn and the
Sociology of Science

David Bloor
18 The Notion of Incommensurability
Harry Collins
19 Kuhn, Meritocracy, and Excellence
Michael Segre
20 From Structures and Tensions in Science to Configurational Histories of the Practices of Knowledge
John Pickstone
Part 5: Beyond Kuhn
21 Kuhnian and Post-Kuhnian Views on How Science Evolves
Mary Jo Nye
22 Experimental Turnaround, 360°: The Essential Kuhn Circle
Carsten Reinhardt
23 History of Science: The French Connection
John Stachel
24 The Professionalization of Research on the History of Science in China and the Influence of Eurocentrism on Chinese Historians of Science
Baichun Zhang
25 On Kuhnian and Hacking-Type Revolutions
Silvan S. Schweber
26 Goethe Was Right: ‘The History of Science Is Science Itself’
M. Norton Wise
27 History of Science and Technology in Portugal: Networking in the European Periphery
Ana Simões
List of Contributors