The History of Science in a World of Readers

History of Science in a World of Readers: Frames of References for Global Exchange
Angela N. H. Creager, Dagmar Schäfer
1 The Openness of Knowledge: An Ideal and Its Context in 16th-Century Writings on Mining and Metallurgy
Pamela O. Long
2 Political Designs: Nuclear Reactors and National Policy in Postwar France
Gabriele Hecht
3 Technics and Civilization in Late Imperial China: An Essay in the Cultural History of Technology
Francesca Bray
4 Deuteronomic Texts: Late Antiquity and the History of Mathematics
Reviel Netz
5 The Possession of Kuru: Medical Science and Biocolonial Exchange
Warwick Anderson
6 Knowledge in Transit
James A. Secord
7 Peasant Friendly Plant Breeding and the Early Years of the Green Revolution in Mexico
Jonathan Harwood