Julia Bärnighausen

Julia Bärnighausen is a PhD candidate at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. In 2015–2018 she was an academic collaborator on the collaborative research project “Photo-Objects” at the Photothek of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institut. Her dissertation focuses on photographic and archival practices of art dealers around 1900. Bärnighausen studied art history and history in Berlin and London. Former places of work include the Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung in Berlin, Das Technische Bild at Humboldt-Universität, and the Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

List of Publications

Studies 12


Taking the material approach to photography as a starting point the volume offers new insights into the epistemological potential of analog and digital photographs and photo archives in the humanities and sciences from a comparative viewpoint.