Kostas Gavroglu

Kostas Gavroglu received his doctorate on theoretical aspects of elementary particle physics from the University of London. Since 1994 he is professor of history of science at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Athens and is currently President of the Executive Committee of the Research Center for the Humanities (www.rchumanities.gr), based in Athens, Greece. His research fields are the history of physical chemistry, the history of quantum chemistry, the history of artificial cold as well as issues related with the appropriation of the scientific ideas and practices by the European periphery from the 18th century. He is a co-editor of a number of series in history and philosophy science and serves on editorial boards of various scientific journals in the history of science. In September 2015 he was elected MP with SYRIZA. He is also president of the Standing Committee on Education of the Greek Parliament.

List of Publications

Proceedings 8

Shifting Paradigms

Studies of the history of the history of science, with emphasis on the work of T.S. Kuhn.